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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, The Marching Hordes)


Chapter 1, The Marching Hordes

"Tunnel in the Sky" is a sci-fi novel detailing Rod Walker's experiences during a final exam for his survival course and the lessons he learns along the way. Rod and other students expect to spend four to ten days surviving on an unknown planet, but unforeseen technical problems result in a much lengthier stay. Today's lesson examines the introductory section of the novel, in which Rod and his classmates learn about and react to the news that their final exam will begin the following morning.


1) Class Discussion: Rod and his classmates are enrolled in what sort of class? What information do students and readers learn about the final exam, by studying the posted test conditions? What important details can readers deduce about Rod's world, by studying the test conditions?

2) Small-Group Discussion: How do the students react to the posted announcement regarding...

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