Tunnel in the Sky Fun Activities

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Parental Advice

Write a letter to Rod Walker, either from his father or from his sister/guardian, offering advice for surviving the final exam on an unknown planet.

Online Bio

Choose Rod Walker, Jack Daudet, Jimmy Throxton, Caroline Mshiyeni, Grant Cowper, Helen Walker, or Deacon Matson. Then construct a biography of that person suitable for display on a current-day social networking site. Highlight their experiences, exaggerating or underplaying as the character might see fit.

Word Scramble

Unscramble these words from "Tunnel in the Sky."

A D E K L O R R W (Rod Walker)

G R A B S M O T H A M A T E S (Ramsbotham Gates)

R O B O T S (stobor)

W O O L C L O N E B I E (Colonel Bowie)

N O X R O Y T M J T H I M (Jimmy Throxton...

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