Tunnel in the Sky Character Descriptions

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Rod Walker

After being attacked and robbed, this character is left with nothing but a knife and shorts.

Grant Cowper

This character wins the election to become the mayor of the colony and immediately begins appointing people to committees to write out the laws of the colony and procedures by which everyone will be expected to live.

Caroline Mshiyeni

This character, the only one who brought writing paper on the survival test, accepts the role of historian.

Jacqueline Daudet

This character and the main character partner team up in order to survive, then decide it would be good to increase their partnership by looking for other survivors.

James Throxton

This character decides to drop the survival course rather than risk life on a strange planet, then arrives moments before the test is to begin.

Bob Baxter and Carmen Garcia Baxter

These characters were dating before the test, and...

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