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Chapter 1, The Marching Hordes

• Chapter 1 introduces the main character, Rod Walker, a high school student.

• Rod is taking a survival course in preparation for a career as an Outlander.

• On Rod's future Earth, or Terra, Outlanders are able to travel instantly through space to explore and colonize distant planets.

• Rod learns that the final exam for his survival course, which requires survival on an undisclosed planet for four to ten days, will begin on the following day.
• Rod asks his friend, Jimmy Throxton, to be his partner for the final exam, but Jimmy is on the verge of dropping the survival course out of fear.

• Rod regrets not cultivating other friendships in class, so he would have more potential final exam partners.

• Deacon Matson, the instructor for the survival course, assures the students that they have the knowledge to survive on an unknown planet.
• Rod leaves his high...

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