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Short Answer Questions

1. Who carries Winnie after she's tired?

2. Which of the following is true of Winnie's beliefs?

3. What is the news that Tuck gets urging him to come back to the house?

4. What does Tuck say would happen if people found out about the spring?

5. How long has it been since any member of the Tuck family changed?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Jesse say that it feels "fine" to tell somebody the story of the remarkable spring?

2. What is Tuck's reaction as he watches the stranger lying on the ground after Mae hits him? Explain the reaction.

3. How is it that the Tucks learned of their immortality?

4. How is Winnie treated by her family the day after her return?

5. What does the stranger ask Winnie first and what does this seem to indicate?

6. What is the last thing Jesse says to Winnie and what does he mean by it?

7. Describe the conversation between Jesse and Winnie when Winnie asks for a drink from the spring.

8. What is the advantage Winnie gains from the situation at the jail with regard to children her own age?

9. What does the stranger say is his plan for the stream and what role does he want the Tucks to play?

10. Why does Winnie feel guilt over her plan to take Mae's place in jail?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

The Tucks have never been able to settle down anywhere for long while the Fosters have always lived in the same house on the same land. Compare this aspect of the two families, including the impact of their different lives on others.

Essay Topic 2

What does the man say he plans to do with the spring? If this is a potential for making money, why haven' the Tucks done it?

Essay Topic 3

Winnie faces a dilemma when the stranger has been injured regarding what she should wish for. What is this dilemma and what does Winnie come to realize about the situation?

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