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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mae say is the reason Miles and Winnie didn't catch any fish?
(a) Miles is out of practice.
(b) They were using the wrong bait.
(c) Miles doesn't know how to fish.
(d) There aren't any fish in the pond.

2. Where does Mae make a bed for Winnie to sleep that night?
(a) On a chair.
(b) In the loft.
(c) On the sofa.
(d) On a folding cot.

3. Who lifts Winnie through the window and into the jail?
(a) Miles.
(b) Tuck.
(c) Mae.
(d) Jesse.

4. What does Winnie say the stranger looks like?
(a) A marionette.
(b) A dead man.
(c) A dragonfly.
(d) A toad.

5. What time does Winnie wake up?
(a) Four fifteen.
(b) Five o'clock.
(c) Five minutes till midnight.
(d) Fifteen minutes after midnight.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Winnie say the entire escapade is difficult for her family?

2. What does Winnie do with the bottle Jesse gave her?

3. What is it that makes Winnie pick up the toad?

4. What does the stranger say he's going to do with the land he's gotten from the Fosters?

5. Where does the stranger put his hat while he talks to the Fosters?

Short Essay Questions

1. Winnie wishes that the man would die, but then that he would live. Why is she torn on this point?

2. What is the likely significance of the fact that all the lights are on in the Foster house when the stranger arrives?

3. What does Winnie think about after she's poured the bottle of water on the toad?

4. How has Winnie's attitude about the Tucks changed as she eats breakfast with them?

5. How does the stranger act when he goes to the Foster house?

6. What is the last thing Jesse says to Winnie and what does he mean by it?

7. What does Winnie realize about sneaking out of the house?

8. What is revealed about the constable during his conversations with the stranger?

9. What questions does the constable ask in an effort to get a conversation going during the trip to the Tucks' house?

10. Why does Winnie feel guilt over her plan to take Mae's place in jail?

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