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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Winnie and Miles use for bait?
(a) Worms.
(b) Grasshoppers.
(c) Pork fat.
(d) Crickets.

2. What does Winnie say to her family that makes them understand the reason she acted as she did?
(a) That she knew Mae was innocent.
(b) That the Tucks had a mysterious secret.
(c) That the Tucks were her friends.
(d) That she was bored.

3. How long does the constable say he's been in charge?
(a) Fifteen years.
(b) Twenty years.
(c) Five years.
(d) He doesn't say.

4. What is it that makes Winnie pick up the toad?
(a) A dog is threatening it.
(b) Her friends dare her to.
(c) It is about to be run over.
(d) Winnie believes it's thirsty.

5. What does Winnie say to Tuck as she's being taken away?
(a) Don't try to follow us.
(b) Take good care of the stranger.
(c) I'll help get Mae out of jail.
(d) Everything's going to be all right.

6. What does Jesse give Winne?
(a) A bottle of wine.
(b) A bottle of the water.
(c) A bottle of grape juice.
(d) A bottle of soda.

7. What does the stranger say?
(a) Nothing.
(b) That he knows where the little girl is.
(c) That he has a horse for sale.
(d) That he needs something to eat .

8. What words does the stranger use to describe the people who took Winnie?
(a) Stupid and homely.
(b) Kind and unusual.
(c) Rough and illiterate.
(d) Mean and tough.

9. What is Mae's reaction when they hear a knock on the door?
(a) She drops her fork.
(b) She yells, "come in".
(c) She asks Winnie who it could be.
(d) She screams.

10. Where does the stranger put his hat?
(a) On the back of the chair.
(b) On the floor.
(c) On the mantel.
(d) On the table.

11. What kind of fish does Miles predict will be among the lily pads?
(a) Bream.
(b) Crappie.
(c) Trout.
(d) Perch.

12. What does Winnie do when a mosquito lands on her knee?
(a) Waits for it to fly away.
(b) Shooes it away.
(c) Swats it.
(d) Catches it.

13. What does the stranger insist must be done to make the trade legal?
(a) Nothing.
(b) The men must shake hands.
(c) It must be filed at the courthouse.
(d) It must be written on a piece of paper.

14. Where is the shotgun after Mae hits the stranger with it?
(a) Mae is still holding it.
(b) The constable takes it.
(c) Mae drops it on the ground.
(d) Mae gives it to Tuck.

15. Where does Mae make a bed for Winnie to sleep that night?
(a) On a folding cot.
(b) On the sofa.
(c) In the loft.
(d) On a chair.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Winnie do with the bottle Jesse gave her?

2. Why does Winnie feel relief when it's time for supper?

3. What does Mae answer when the constable asks why she hit the man?

4. How far does the stranger tell the constable they have to go to find Winnie?

5. What time is it when the stranger arrives at Winnie's house?

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