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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Winnie discover she's supposed to get the maple syrup off her fingers while she eats?
(a) Wipe them on a napkin.
(b) Lick them.
(c) Wipe them on her shirt.
(d) Go to the pond for water.

2. What time does the stranger appear at the Foster's gate?
(a) At dawn.
(b) At midnight.
(c) At sunset.
(d) At noontime.

3. What kind of shoes is Winnie wearing when she gets into the rowboat with Tuck?
(a) Tennis shoes.
(b) Boots.
(c) She's barefoot.
(d) Flip flops.

4. Who carries Winnie after she's tired?
(a) Jesse.
(b) Mae.
(c) Miles.
(d) Tuck.

5. When does Mae say she'll be return home?
(a) By lunchtime.
(b) In about a week.
(c) She doesn's say.
(d) Late the following day.

6. What do Jesse, Mae, Miles and Winnie have to eat on the way back to the Tucks' house?
(a) Bread and cheese.
(b) Wild berries.
(c) Peanut butter.
(d) Bologna sandwiches.

7. Why does Winnie leave her house?
(a) She is on her way to meet Jesse and Miles.
(b) She is looking for Mae Tuck.
(c) She is running away.
(d) She wants to explore the woods.

8. What does Mae use for a towel after she washes her face in the stream?
(a) A towel.
(b) Her shawl.
(c) The bottom of her dress.
(d) The horse blanket.

9. Which of the following is true of Winnie's beliefs?
(a) Winnie doesn't believe in fairy tales.
(b) Winnie believes fairy tales are true.
(c) Winnie has always wanted a magic wand.
(d) Winnie believes in magic.

10. "Where" is the first week of August?
(a) At the very top of summer.
(b) Both at the very top of summer and the top of the live-long year.
(c) Neither at the very top of summer nor at the top of the year.
(d) At the very top of the live-long year.

11. How often does Mae Tuck make this journey?
(a) Every year.
(b) Every ten years.
(c) Every month.
(d) Every week.

12. Why does Jesse tell Winnie that she cannot have a drink of the water?
(a) He says her father wouldn't like it.
(b) He says it's dirty.
(c) He says it's all gone.
(d) He says it tastes bad.

13. What is Jesse's first answer when Winnie asks his age?
(a) Forty-four.
(b) One hundred and forty-four.
(c) One hundred and four.
(d) Fourteen.

14. What does Mae say the loft of their home is used for?
(a) Miles and Jesse do their carpentry there.
(b) Miles and Jesse sleep there when they return home.
(c) Mae sews there.
(d) The loft is used only for storage.

15. What is Winnie doing on that particular morning in the first week of August?
(a) Chasing fireflies.
(b) Cleaning house.
(c) Doing chores.
(d) Talking to a toad.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Mae plan to travel to Treegap?

2. Why does Mae say they had to bring Winnie home with them?

3. Which of the following was not part of the supper Winnie shares with the Tuck family her first night with them?

4. What does Miles pull from his back pocket?

5. What does the man say he's looking for?

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