Tuck Everlasting Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. The author compares the first week of August to a Ferris wheel. What does the author say is the similarity?

The first week of August is said to hang like a Ferris wheel at its highest point. It's noted that this is the week when spring is well past and the cooler weather of fall not yet occurring.

2. What are the three things the author says happens that appear to be mere coincidence?

The three events are that Mae Tuck sets out for her regular meeting with her sons in Treegap, Winnie gets fed up and decides to run away, and a stranger appears at the Fosters' gate though he doesn't say who it is he is looking for.

3. List an instance of foreshadowing in the prologue of the book and tell what this foreshadowing seems to indicate.

It's noted that the three incidents - Mae Tuck leaving for Treegap, Winnie deciding to run away from home, and the appearance of the stranger - don't appear to be related but that things aren't always what they seem to be. This foreshadowing seems to indicate that the three events will eventually be linked.

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