Tuck Everlasting Character Descriptions

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Winnie Foster

The ten-year-old girl who decides to run away from home, is kidnapped, and has a great adventure.

Mae Tuck

Wife of another character who befriends Winnie Foster.

Angus Tuck

The husband of another character who tries to get Winnie to understand that immortality is not worth the cost.

Miles Tuck

He is the person who takes the window out of the jail and puts Winnie in the cell before they make their escape.

Jesse Tuck

The seventeen-year-old boy who tries to convince Winnie to drink the spring water when she is also seventeen.

The Stranger

A middle-aged man who has been obsessed with the Tucks for most of his life, spending years searching for them.

Mr. Foster

Winnie's father.

Mrs. Foster

Winnie's mother

Winnie's Grandmother

The woman who believes in fairies and mystical creatures.

The Constable

The man who represents law and order in Treegap.

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