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• The first week of August is the "top" of the year.

• There are three events that seem unrelated but are not.

• Mae Tuck leaves for her meeting at Treegap with her sons, Jesse and Miles, just as she does every ten years.

• Winnie Foster gets fed up and decides to run away.

• A stranger appears at the Fosters' gate but doesn't say who it is that he's searching for.

Chapter 1

• There is a wooded area next to the Fosters' home where people seldom go.

• In the middle of these woods is a giant ash tree with a spring at its base.

• The entire world would tremble if the spring were discovered.

Chapter 2

• Mae Tuck gets out of bed with the realization that this is the day she's going to reunite with her two sons, Jesse and Miles.

• Mae can't wait for the boys to arrive and plans...

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