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Ann Patchett
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Ann's boyfriend say he would find the right doctors to do for Lucy?
(a) Have breast implants.
(b) Perform an abortion.
(c) A chin implant.
(d) Get her teeth.

2. Why did Ann have Lucy moved to a different hospital room?
(a) It had no air conditioning.
(b) It was too noisy by the nurses station.
(c) Her roommate was an intrusive woman.
(d) It had too many windows.

3. Who embarrassed Ann at an awards dinner one night?
(a) Karl.
(b) Lucy.
(c) Dennis.
(d) Joey.

4. After she was released from the hospital, what did Lucy lie to Ann about when she called?
(a) She told her that she was moving to Europe.
(b) She told her she had plastic surgery.
(c) She told her that she was getting married.
(d) She told her she was still writing.

5. How often did Ann hear from Lucy in Chapter 17?
(a) Days.
(b) Weeks.
(c) Years.
(d) Months.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where had Lucy told Ann she wanted to go for Christmas?

2. On what day did Lucy die?

3. What did the doctors tell Lucy was in her future?

4. What did Ann do before leaving Lucy in her apartment?

5. What did Ann think about constantly after Lucy died?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Lucy begin to contemplate suicide?

2. What did Lucy reveal to Ann about her heroin use and her suicide wish?

3. What happened with Lucy's job in Bennington, and what did she do when she moved to Brooklyn?

4. To what things did Ann attribute Lucy's depression?

5. What was Ann's experience with hives and how did it let her appreciate Lucy's struggles even more?

6. What was the main question Lucy asked her psychiatrists when she saw them?

7. What kind of help did Lucy seek for her addictions, and how did she lie about what she was really doing?

8. In reality, what were Karl and others not able to help Lucy with regarding her health issues?

9. What was Lucy's pattern of happiness and depression?

10. How did Ann show that she was the ultimate mother figure to Lucy after her radical surgery?

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