Truth & Beauty: A Friendship Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ann Patchett
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Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

• In June of 1985, Ann Patchett was a twenty-one-year-old recent graduate of Sarah Lawrence College looking for an apartment in Iowa City, Iowa.

• Ann would be in Iowa City for two years to attend the prestigious Iowa Writer's Workshop and receive her Master's degree in creative writing.

• Another Sarah Lawrence graduate, Lucy Grealy, was also going to be in the program, so she and Ann became roommates.

• Ann knew Lucy from Sarah Lawrence where Lucy was popular because of her great writing as well as her disfigured face.
• Lucy had had childhood cancer and chemotherapy which led to a partially missing jaw and only six front teeth.

• Lucy could not close her mouth all the way and had a lot of scars.

• In Iowa City, Lucy dated a man named B- and finally had sex, but B- did not love her.

• Lucy would also travel to...

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