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Eric P. Kelly
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Short Answer Questions

1. Because Pan Andrew is so depressed about the treasure being gone, what does Joseph often do?

2. Why is Joseph anxious to see the palace at Wawel Hill?

3. Where does the reader learn Peter of the Button Face is going after having left Krakow for a few months?

4. With what does Peter threaten Joseph before he sends him away with Michael?

5. What other important piece of information does Pan Andrew provide when at the palace?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the threat Peter of the Button Face gives to Joseph before Michael the Snake takes Joseph from the tower in Chapter 11?

2. Who leaves the tower to fight the fire and who fills in for him in Chapter 14?

3. When Jan Kanty arrives at the tower with Kreutz in Chapter 14, what does Pan Andrew observe?

4. In Chapter 13, what is Tring's reaction when he sees the Great Tarnov Crystal in the middle of Kreutz's loft?

5. Chapter 11 explains that something has changed with Peter of the Button Face. Describe the changes.

6. What does the inside of the Church of Our Lady Mary look like?

7. Explain what happens to the Charnetski family at the end of Chapter 16.

8. As of 1928, as described in the Epilogue, why do people go to the city of Krakow?

9. When Elzbietka hears the Heynal played in its entirety as described in Chapter 12, where is she and what does she do?

10. What sounds does the Epilogue say one hears coming from the church?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Did you like the author's use of science as he describes how Kreutz frightens Peter of the Button Face with the explosions? Why or why not? Was this combination of attacking with science believable? Was it consistent with the belief in magic at the time? Or do you think this scene was used by the author to prove that science triumphs over superstition and sorcery? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the conflict between superstition and science in the novel. Do you think this was an important issue to the author? What is he trying to portray by returning to this conflict? Does the conflict seem relevant to the main theme of the novel?

Essay Topic 3

What do you think about the throwing of the crystal into the river? Why do you think the author concludes in this manner? Do you think the act of throwing the crystal away is symbolism for a cultural belief? If so, what do you think that symbolism is?

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