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Eric P. Kelly
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is noticeable about the music being played?
(a) The entire piece of music is played.
(b) The tune of the Heynal has been changed.
(c) It stills ends at the broken note.
(d) The music is not beautiful anymore.

2. What is the best description of Krakow at the time the novel was written?
(a) Gothic in every corner and gable except for a few Romanesque walls and arches.
(b) All Modern architecture.
(c) All Gothic architecture.
(d) All Roman architecture.

3. Who arrives at the tower with Nicholas Kreutz?
(a) Peter of the Button Face arrives with Kreutz.
(b) Pan Andrew arrives with Kreutz.
(c) Jan Kanty arrives with Kreutz.
(d) Elzbietka arrives with Kreutz.

4. Why is Joseph anxious to see the palace at Wawel Hill?
(a) He is interested in the architecture of the palace.
(b) He wants to see Peter of the Button Face.
(c) He is familiar with the legend of Krakus.
(d) He wants to try to become part of the palace guard.

5. Who is questioned in the king's chambers?
(a) Peter of the Button Face.
(b) Nicholas Kreutz.
(c) Jan Kanty.
(d) Michael the Snake.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Peter and his men enter the tower?

2. When Peter talks to Pan Andrew, what information does Pan Andrew give that Peter refuses to believe?

3. About what is Pan Andrew troubled after help is summoned?

4. In Chapter 16, what happens to the Great Tarnov Crystal?

5. What does the king give to Pan Andrew?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Jan Kanty and the king decide to do about the crystal in Chapter 16?

2. What does the inside of the Church of Our Lady Mary look like?

3. What does Peter of the Button Face say to the king regarding why he is in Krakow in Chapter 15?

4. Describe the Vistula River as it is explained in the Epilogue.

5. What does Pan Andrew tell the king about the Great Tarnov Crystal in Chapter 15?

6. What is the threat Peter of the Button Face gives to Joseph before Michael the Snake takes Joseph from the tower in Chapter 11?

7. Explain what happens after Kreutz grabs the crystal from the king's hands.

8. What happens when Kreutz actually mixes the ingredients to make the Philosopher's Stone in Chapter 13?

9. Describe how the Epilogue explains the Heynal is played.

10. What is the ancient legend of Krakus?

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