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Eric P. Kelly
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which description best describes the Tarnov Crystal?
(a) A tiny crystal that no one has known about until recently.
(b) A dull but enormous stone.
(c) A crystal that the Tartars do not know about yet.
(d) An often discussed wonder that Tartar parents tell their children about.

2. Because Pan Andrew is so depressed about the treasure being gone, what does Joseph often do?
(a) He lets his father sleep and plays the Heynal on the trumpet through the night.
(b) He gets his father an audience with the king.
(c) He does all of the marketplace shopping for the family.
(d) He cheers him up by finding the treasure.

3. What do men and women of the twentieth century think of when they hear the music?
(a) They think of Joseph Charnetski.
(b) They think of the days whe the young life was given to country, God, and duty.
(c) They think of the Great Tarnov Crystal.
(d) They think of Pan Andrew Charnetski.

4. Where does Pan Andrew think his treasure is once he discovers it missing?
(a) With Nicholas Kreutz.
(b) With Peter of the Button Face.
(c) With Stas.
(d) With Ivan of Russia.

5. What was renovated during the Renaissance?
(a) The University.
(b) The homes.
(c) Old Cloth Hall.
(d) The marketplace.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does every citizen in Krakow have in their homes?

2. In Chapter 13, what does Kreutz put in the middle of the room?

3. When Peter is in the tower, Joseph finally learns the name of the crystal. What is it?

4. Who is Krakus?

5. What reason does Pan Andrew give for almost losing everything he has?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Kreutz's explanation to Tring for how he obtained the crystal?

2. Describe the chief glory of the city of Krakow as it is explained in the Epilogue.

3. In Chapter 13, what is Tring's reaction when he sees the Great Tarnov Crystal in the middle of Kreutz's loft?

4. When Kreutz reveals that he has the crystal in Chapter 14, describe his feelings.

5. Explain what happens after Kreutz grabs the crystal from the king's hands.

6. What happens when Kreutz actually mixes the ingredients to make the Philosopher's Stone in Chapter 13?

7. What does Peter of the Button Face say to the king regarding why he is in Krakow in Chapter 15?

8. Describe the Vistula River as it is explained in the Epilogue.

9. Who leaves the tower to fight the fire and who fills in for him in Chapter 14?

10. What is the ancient legend of Krakus?

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