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Eric P. Kelly
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the stranger tell a group of people Pan Andrew did that makes them angry?
(a) He says that Pan Andrew was really a Tartar in a peasant's clothing.
(b) He says Pan Andrew cut off his brother's head and turned it into a pumpkin.
(c) He says that Pan Andrew stole the king's jewels.
(d) He says that Pan Andrew has escaped from prison.

2. What kind of job does Jan Kanty arrange for Pan Andrew?
(a) The job of the king's scribe.
(b) The job of the trumpter at the Church of Our Lady Mary.
(c) The job of Kreutz's assistant.
(d) The job of Kanty's assistant.

3. What does the stranger offer to buy from Pan Andrew Charnetski?
(a) His pumpkin.
(b) His clothes.
(c) HIs wagon.
(d) His goods.

4. What is the oath taken by the trumpeter?
(a) To defend the country.
(b) To warn the people inside the castle of the coming Tartars.
(c) To play the National Anthem every morning.
(d) To sound the trumpet each hour of the day and night until death.

5. What is the scene Joseph sees when he first goes to explore the marketplace?
(a) He sees a family from his village.
(b) He sees a Tartar boy beating a dog.
(c) He sees Stefan Ostrovski.
(d) He sees Pan Andrew Tenczynski.

6. How old is the trumpeter when Poland is attacked?
(a) Sixty.
(b) Thirty-nine or forty.
(c) Nineteen or twenty.
(d) Ten or eleven.

7. What is the most accurate description of the Tartar army?
(a) It is so numerous that it takes days for them to pass through an area.
(b) It is very large, but they run through each town quickly.
(c) It is a large, efficient group that moves through a town in a day.
(d) It is a small but slow group that takes days to pass through a town.

8. Who accompanies the Charnetski family and Jan Kanty to their new dwelling in Chapter 5?
(a) Stefan Ostrovski.
(b) Conrad Mlynarki.
(c) Johann Tring.
(d) Nicholas Kreutz.

9. What valuable information does Stas give to the stranger about Joseph's family?
(a) Stas tells the stranger where Joseph is going to school.
(b) Stas tells the stranger that Pan Andrew's cousin was killed.
(c) Stas tells the stranger that Joseph's family is related to the king.
(d) Stas tells the stranger their new name and Joseph's father's occupation.

10. What ultimately happens to the trumpeter in 1241?
(a) He escapes the Tartars while playing the trumpet.
(b) A Polish man accidentally shoots him with a bow and arrow.
(c) A Tartar shoots him when he is done playing.
(d) He is killed by a Tartar with a bow and arrow while he is playing the Heynal.

11. Where are the trumpeter's mother and sister as Poland is being attacked?
(a) With cousins in Krakow.
(b) With cousins in Moravia.
(c) With his father in the castle.
(d) With his brother in Kiev.

12. Which best describes the Tartars?
(a) Compassionate people who invade but do not do much damage.
(b) Peaceful people who just want some more land.
(c) Like wild beasts who leave nothing alive.
(d) Inexperienced warriors.

13. What does Kreutz say about trances and experiments?
(a) That the people of Krakow have always been weary of them.
(b) That the people of Krakow have always embraced them.
(c) That the people of Lvov are experts at doing them.
(d) That the people of Kiev are experts at doing them.

14. When is the broken note first played?
(a) As the trumpeter's trumpet breaks.
(b) As the trumpeter's trumpet is knocked out of his hands by the Tartar's arrow.
(c) As the trumpeter is killed with the bow and arrow from the Tartar.
(d) When the Tartars pick up the song where the trumpeter left off.

15. What is the stranger's real name?
(a) Jan Kanty.
(b) Bogdan Brozny - Bogdan the Terrible.
(c) Stefan Ostrovski.
(d) Pan Andrew Tenczynsksi.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Jan Kanty meets the Charnetski family for the first time, what does Pan Andrew explain to Jan Kanty?

2. After Elzbietka makes her promise to Joseph, what do they see?

3. After hearing Pan Andrew's story, what advice does Jan Kanty provide?

4. To whom does Joseph hear the Tartars praying?

5. During their first meeting, what offer of Jan Kanty's does Pan Andrew make he declines?

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