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Eric P. Kelly
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What story does Pan Andrew tell Joseph when Joseph accompanies him to his new place of work for the first time?
(a) The story of the pumpkin and the crystal.
(b) The story of the trumpeter and the broken note.
(c) The story of his cousin.
(d) The story of their ancestors.

2. What is the oath taken by the trumpeter?
(a) To warn the people inside the castle of the coming Tartars.
(b) To sound the trumpet each hour of the day and night until death.
(c) To play the National Anthem every morning.
(d) To defend the country.

3. What is the most accurate description of the Tartar army?
(a) It is a small but slow group that takes days to pass through a town.
(b) It is so numerous that it takes days for them to pass through an area.
(c) It is very large, but they run through each town quickly.
(d) It is a large, efficient group that moves through a town in a day.

4. Where is the Charnetski family going with the caravan?
(a) They are traveling to Ukraine.
(b) They are traveling to Kiev.
(c) They are traveling to Lvov.
(d) They are traveling to Krakow.

5. Who lives above the Charnetskis?
(a) Kreutz and his neice.
(b) Johann Tring.
(c) Stefan Ostrovski.
(d) Andrew Tenczynski.

6. Why is Jan Kanty well respected in Krakow?
(a) He completes acts of sorcery on a daily basis.
(b) He is a member of the royalty, a highly educated man, and a friend of the alchemist.
(c) He is a scholar-priest who is dedicated to learning, helpful to the peasants, and a hater of cruelty toward man.
(d) He recently defeated a band of Tartars who had attacked the city.

7. How old is the trumpeter when Poland is attacked?
(a) Sixty.
(b) Thirty-nine or forty.
(c) Nineteen or twenty.
(d) Ten or eleven.

8. What is the scene Joseph sees when he first goes to explore the marketplace?
(a) He sees Stefan Ostrovski.
(b) He sees a Tartar boy beating a dog.
(c) He sees a family from his village.
(d) He sees Pan Andrew Tenczynski.

9. What has a Russian ruler offered the stranger in return for something he wants?
(a) A large plot of land and many livestock.
(b) A position at the university.
(c) Membership into the royal family of Russia.
(d) Coffers of gold and a castle in Ukraine.

10. By what name do the Polish people know the stranger?
(a) Peter of the Button Face.
(b) Peter of the Wolf Dogs.
(c) Bogdan the Fearful.
(d) Bogdan the Terrible.

11. What is the trumpeter thinking when he sees the fierce men looking up at him after the attack on Krakow?
(a) He decides to wait for the Polish army to rescue him.
(b) He decides to flee to the castle.
(c) He thinks he should kill himself.
(d) He knows he is alone in the midst of a terrible enemy.

12. Which best describes the Tartars' religious belief?
(a) They do not know God.
(b) They believe in God.
(c) They are Buddhists.
(d) They are Jewish.

13. What is the most accurate description of the Tartars' appearance?
(a) Tall, dark men with shaved heads.
(b) Tall, pale men with beards and long, braided hair.
(c) Short, dark men with beards and long, braided hair.
(d) Short, pale men with shaved heads.

14. On the night in Chapter 7 when Joseph sees Elzbietka, what does she tell him she is worried about?
(a) She is worried about the Tartars attacking.
(b) She is worried about her upcoming exams at school.
(c) She does not trust Tring and has noticed a change in her uncle.
(d) She is worried about the man who lives downstairs with the old woman.

15. Immediately following the fight, what decision does the stranger have to make?
(a) He needs to decide whether to chase Pan Andrew or the horse.
(b) He needs to decide whether to kidnap Joseph or go back to Krakow.
(c) He needs to decide whether to steal the goods or chase the horse.
(d) She needs to decide whether to go to the market or go home.

Short Answer Questions

1. While in the caravan, which of the stranger's orders does Joseph Charnetski follow?

2. How does Pan Andrew tell time while he is working?

3. What does Kreutz say about trances and experiments?

4. What is in the open room at the tower of the Church of Our Lady Mary?

5. What is the name provided as the stranger approaches the individual wagon in the caravan?

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