The Trumpeter of Krakow Short Essay - Answer Key

Eric P. Kelly
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1. Describe how the people of Poland feel when they hear that the Tartars are marching toward their land?

The Polish people know how ruthless the Tartars are, and they are terrified at what the future holds once the Tartars arrive.

2. Describe the Tartars.

The Tartars are short, dark men with beards and long hair twisted into braids. They are very brave and courageous with hearts of stone and they are merciless, pitiless, and God-less.

3. Explain how the Polish people feel as they have to leave their villages because they know the Tartars are arriving.

The Polish people are sad and bitter at having to leave their homes, but, at the same time, they are desperate to flee the coming terror of the Tartars.

4. Explain how the city of Krakow reacts to the villagers fleeing.

Krakow welcomes the refugees into the walls of the city and the king's palace, called Wawel. Many of the royal people of Wawel have already fled to the west or to monasteries, so there is room for the fleeing villagers.

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