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Eric P. Kelly
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Epilogue: The Broken Note.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Joseph anxious to see the palace at Wawel Hill?
(a) He wants to try to become part of the palace guard.
(b) He is familiar with the legend of Krakus.
(c) He wants to see Peter of the Button Face.
(d) He is interested in the architecture of the palace.

2. As he ponders the attack on Krakow, of what is the trumpeter proud?
(a) He is proud to be fighting with Polish men for Christendom against brutal and savage invaders.
(b) He is proud to be the hero of Poland.
(c) He is proud to be the best trumpet player in the land.
(d) He is proud to be the trumpeter who warned the Polish people of the Tartars' attack.

3. What makes the leader of the twelve men shriek and tremble?
(a) The sudden appearance of the king of Poland.
(b) The sudden appearance of a red, fiery, glowing devil.
(c) The sudden appearance of a mob of weapon-wielding Tartars.
(d) The sudden appearance of Ivan of Russia.

4. What does Elzbietka confess to Joseph in Chapter 8?
(a) That she saw a murder occur.
(b) That she is in love with Joseph.
(c) That she thinks her uncle is possessed by Tring.
(d) That she wants to leave her uncle.

5. When Peter talks to Pan Andrew, what information does Pan Andrew give that Peter refuses to believe?
(a) Pan Andrew says that Stas stole the treasure.
(b) Pan Andrew says that he does not have the treasure.
(c) Pan Andrew says that his wife stole the treasure.
(d) Pan Andrew says that Jan Kanty stole the treasure.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kreutz say some people believe about the Philosopher's Stone?

2. What is the best description of Krakow at the time the novel was written?

3. What reason does Pan Andrew give for almost losing everything he has?

4. About what is Pan Andrew troubled after help is summoned?

5. At the beginning of Chapter 13, what does Kreutz tell Tring?

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