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Eric P. Kelly
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 1 - 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is unusual about one of the wagons in the caravan?
(a) It is larger than any of the other wagons.
(b) It is being pulled by a man and is carrying several children.
(c) It is fancier than the rest of the wagons.
(d) It is led by two horses and it is carrying a very large pumpkin.

2. In Chapter 2, whom does Pan Andrew say he has to come to see?
(a) Pan Jan Kanty, his friend.
(b) Pan Stefan Ostrovski, his brother.
(c) Pan Andrew Tenczynski, his cousin.
(d) Pan Nicholas Kreutz, his cousin.

3. What is the name provided as the stranger approaches the individual wagon in the caravan?
(a) Stefan Ostrovski.
(b) Irene Witkowski.
(c) Andrew Charnetski.
(d) Jan Kanty.

4. Where is the Charnetski family going with the caravan?
(a) They are traveling to Lvov.
(b) They are traveling to Kiev.
(c) They are traveling to Krakow.
(d) They are traveling to Ukraine.

5. What do the people do when they hear the Tartars' approach in 1241?
(a) Leave their homes with their belongings to try to escape.
(b) Gather up all of their ammunition to defend themselves.
(c) Stay in their villages and negotiate with the Tartars.
(d) Head towards the army and try to attack them before they arrive in the village.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the men in the caravan carry weapons?

2. Which best describes the Tartars' religious belief?

3. Krakow welcomes which group of people?

4. What is the trumpeter thinking when he sees the fierce men looking up at him after the attack on Krakow?

5. What does the stranger tell a group of people Pan Andrew did that makes them angry?

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