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Eric P. Kelly
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 4 - 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Krakow is a safe haven?
(a) It has experienced warriors.
(b) There is room for many people.
(c) It has a lot of weapons.
(d) The king's palace provides extra walls of protection for the refugees.

2. How old is the trumpeter when Poland is attacked?
(a) Sixty.
(b) Nineteen or twenty.
(c) Ten or eleven.
(d) Thirty-nine or forty.

3. What is the oath taken by the trumpeter?
(a) To play the National Anthem every morning.
(b) To defend the country.
(c) To warn the people inside the castle of the coming Tartars.
(d) To sound the trumpet each hour of the day and night until death.

4. After his heroic act, to whom does Joseph confide in about his family's situation?
(a) A guard and a Tartar.
(b) Jan Kanty and Stefan Ostrovski.
(c) Kazimir Jagiello and Jan Kanty.
(d) Elzbietka and Nicholas Kreutz.

5. After hearing Pan Andrew's story, what advice does Jan Kanty provide?
(a) Kanty tells Pan Andrew that he should go back to his home.
(b) Kanty tells Pan Andrew that he should go find the king in a neighboring city.
(c) Kanty tells Pan Andrew that he should go watch the marketplace for the stranger.
(d) Kanty tells Pan Andrew that he should change his name and sell his horses.

Short Answer Questions

1. Krakow welcomes which group of people?

2. Which two cities do the Tartars attack before they invade Poland?

3. What does Joseph do when Pan Andrew is fighting with the stranger in the caravan?

4. When Joseph first hears the trumpeter play from the Church of Our Lady Mary, what surprises him?

5. As he ponders the attack on Krakow, of what is the trumpeter proud?

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