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Eric P. Kelly
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 13 - 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is done to help fight the fire?
(a) The women start throwing buckets of water on the fire.
(b) Firemen are called in to help stop the fire.
(c) Buckets of water are thrown on the center of the fire.
(d) A line is drawn by tearing down adjacent buildings to keep it from spreading further.

2. To where does the guard escort the person Joseph is amazed to see?
(a) The castle on Wawel Hill.
(b) The University.
(c) The burning apartment.
(d) The Church of Our Lady Mary.

3. Who arrives at the tower with Nicholas Kreutz?
(a) Pan Andrew arrives with Kreutz.
(b) Peter of the Button Face arrives with Kreutz.
(c) Jan Kanty arrives with Kreutz.
(d) Elzbietka arrives with Kreutz.

4. What preparations does Kreutz make in his apartment after he hears the instructions given to Stas?
(a) He mixes chemicals together to make a glowing effect on his clothing.
(b) He mixes chemicals together to put a spell on Joseph and his family.
(c) He asks Tring to put him in a trance as he prepares to meet the king.
(d) He asks Tring to put him in a trance to obtain wisdom.

5. What does the stranger offer to Stas for agreeing to spy on Joseph's family?
(a) He offers him a house.
(b) He offers him gold.
(c) He offers him a job.
(d) He offers him food.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Kreutz's apartment?

2. With what does Kreutz flee at the end?

3. When the stranger gives Stas instructions in Chapter 9, what is Stas' only task?

4. To whom does Joseph hear the Tartars praying?

5. Who tries to steal something from the Charnetski apartment?

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