Objects & Places from The Trumpeter of Krakow

Eric P. Kelly
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The Great Tarnov Crystal

Reputed to possess strange and wondrous properties, this object is the center of a legend that possesses the power to drive men mad. It has been hidden in the Charnetski family for generations.

The Pumpkin Shell

This is what Pan Andrew uses as a hiding place.

The Street of Pigeons

Located near the University of Krakow, this is where students and people believing in sorcery live.

The Alchemist's Loft

Located on the fourth and highest floor of an apartment building, this is where Nicholas Kreutz works.

Jan Kanty's Cell

This is a cloistered room used for meditation, prayer, study, and sleep by the scholar-priest. Here he receives many visitors, as his advice is always in demand.

The Church of Our Lady Mary

This icon has survived for hundreds of years, and throughout this time, trumpeters have never forsaken their vow to play the Heynal...

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