Daily Lessons for Teaching The Trumpeter of Krakow

Eric P. Kelly
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Lesson 1 (from Prologue: The Broken Note)


Prologue: The Broken Note

In the Prologue, the author provides historically accurate information regarding the relationship between the Tartars and the Ukrainian and Polish people. This lesson will further investigate the history of this period and geography of the countries being discussed.


1) Geography Project: Label unlabeled maps of present day Europe with Poland and Ukraine. Then study maps of this area during the 1200s. Outline the land occupied by the Tartars on the map. Label the Vistula River and Krakow to show on the map exactly where the story is taking place. Draw a line that shows the route the Tartars took as they left Ukraine and marched toward Krakow. Was this a long way for the Tartars to travel on foot? How long do you think it took them to go from Kiev to Krakow? What was the topography of the area like? Would...

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