The Trumpeter of Krakow Fun Activities

Eric P. Kelly
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Cooking Project

Research traditional Ukrainian food. Prepare the most interesting recipe and share it with the class.

Castle Project

Make a model of a medieval castle out of sugar cubes. Use books from the library to provide pictures of castles.

Music Project

Find the music for the Heynal and play the melody on a trumpet or other instrument.

Clothing Project

Research the traditional clothing of Ukrainians. Make a costume for yourself and wear it as you explain the traditional Ukrainian dress to the class.

Marketplace Project

Using the description in the book or in other books you can find on Krakow, draw a bird's eye view of the Krakow marketplace.

Architecture Project

Find photos of medieval architecture typical in Ukraine and Poland. Sketch some of this architecture.

Church Project

Create a model of the Church of Our Lady. Use balsa wood or heavy duty cardboard.

Academic Project


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