The Trumpeter of Krakow Character Descriptions

Eric P. Kelly
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Joseph Charnetski

This character is clever, self-reliant, courageous, and has to assume several adult tasks throughout the book.

Pan Andrew Charnetski

Despite the harm it causes, this character is faithful to the vow of protecting the Great Tarnov Crystal and the trumpter's oath.

Peter of the Button Face

This cruel character has a facial scar caused by a disease and tries to steal the Great Tarnov Crystal.

Elzbietka Kreutz

Physically attractive, this character saves the day when two other characters are taken captive by the Tartars.

Nicholas Kreutz

This character explores alchemy but ultimately rejects the dark powers of the ancient practice.

Jan Kanty

This peace-loving character provides practical solutions to health problems and rejects superstition and sorcery.

Johann Tring

This character dabbles in dark magic, has a penchant for gold, and is interested in sorcery and hypnosis.

Mother Kreutz

The author refers to this character only with...

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