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David McCullough
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was the Vice President of the United States under Roosevelt in 1943?
(a) George Bush Sr.
(b) Richard Nixon
(c) Henry Wallace
(d) Andrew Jackson

2. How were Truman's ancestors related to the bushwhackers?
(a) Bess's marriage to Harry
(b) Through Uncle Harrison
(c) Through Jim Crow Chiles
(d) There was no connection

3. Why is Chapter 2 entitled "Model Boy?"
(a) Harry S. Truman was an excellent student, great friend, faithful son, never in trouble, industrious and kind.
(b) Harry S. Truman was a child actor
(c) Harry S. Truman's mother was a world famous model
(d) Harry S. Truman liked to build airplane models

4. What political party did Harry, his father, and most of the adults in Independence belong to?
(a) Green Party
(b) Republicans
(c) Democrats
(d) Whigs

5. Harry Truman's ancestors were predominantly of what heritage?
(a) Japanese-Korean
(b) Scotch-Irish
(c) Welsh-German
(d) English-Norwegian

Short Answer Questions

1. What pivotal event occurred on December 7, 1941?

2. What interest did Harry and his father share?

3. What were the nicknames for the divisions in the Missouri Democratic Party?

4. What was the beginning of the end for Tom Pendergast? .

5. Who was the most influential new friend Truman gained during his first term as Senator?

Short Essay Questions

1. Although Harry did not partake in sports or outdoor activities as other boys, no one ever called him a "sissy." Why do you think that was?

2. Do you think Harry was a good farmer? Explain your answer with examples from Chapter 3. .

3. Although money was always a problem for Truman, when given the opportunity to make millions at the expense of the government, he chose not to. Why?

4. The primary candidate, Roosevelt, did not appear at the Democratic convention in 1944, and his preference for Vice President was not clear. How did this affect those in charge of the Party at the convention?

5. Reading over the description of Independence, MO, beginning on Page 50, describe Truman's hometown as it relates to 1) economic viability, 2) founders and citizens, and 3) education.

6. The author entitled Chapter 8 "Numbered Days." Whose days are being referred to here?

7. Senator Truman's committee to investigate defense spending was timely and changed the way he was viewed by his colleagues and the public. Was that his purpose in proposing this committee? Why do you think he started this effort, and did he accomplish his goals?

8. Tom Pendergast's advice to Harry Truman as he left for D.C. was "Work hard, keep your mouth shut, and answer your mail." Was this good advice for the new senator? Why?

9. When Truman receives a summons to the White House on April 12, 1945, why did he run instead of walk? How is this sequence of events so different from what it would be in today's world?

10. Truman was up against several other individuals for the position of Vice President. Why do you think he was the best candidate? Cover personal integrity, ability to gain votes, political record & experience, and life experience.

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