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David McCullough
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to his letters to Bess, what part of Truman's command duties did he dislike the most?
(a) Meeting with the other captains
(b) Wearing the uniform
(c) Writing reports to command
(d) Meting out discipline to his troops.

2. What epidemics decimated the families in Independence during the years of 1851-1854?
(a) Bubonic Plague and severe colds
(b) West Nile Fever and flu
(c) Cholera, scarlet fever and pneumonia
(d) AIDS and herpes

3. Truman's foreign office is warning him about the after war dangers of which country?
(a) Mexico
(b) Argentina
(c) Soviet Union
(d) Japan

4. How was Truman's personal life used against him in the 1940 election?
(a) His womanizing became known by the public
(b) His family farm was sold at auction while he was at the Democratic Convention.
(c) His gambling addiction was exposed
(d) His wife divorced him and took the child

5. Who was in charge of the Soviet Union when Truman became President?
(a) Josef Stalin
(b) Hitler
(c) Gorbachev
(d) Kruschev

Short Answer Questions

1. Who were Truman's lifelong heroes?

2. What was General Order Number 11?

3. What part of Truman's past most concerned the Democratic Party for the campaign?

4. How did Truman's men move their equipment around France?

5. What was the name of Roosevelt's beloved dog?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did so many respected senators and congressional representatives oppose America's entry into the War with Germany?

2. Tom Pedergast was considered a villain by some, and a Robin Hood by others. Why?

3. Was Truman adequately prepared to assume the role of President? If you choose to answer no, detail what attributes or knowledge Truman needed to do a good job. If you choose to answer yes, outline what qualities or experience Truman had to prepare him for the job.

4. The author entitled Chapter 8 "Numbered Days." Whose days are being referred to here?

5. The title of this chapter is "Patriot". Why do you think the author chose this title?

6. Truman's reputation as a fair but uncompromising leader is established during his chairmanship of the Truman Committee. Why?

7. Describe Harry's father and mother, using the following criteria: 1) appearance, 2) religious beliefs and upbringing, 3) admirable qualities, 4) values they can teach Truman to make him a good President, leader and man.

8. This chapter is entitled "The Senator from Pendergast" and not "The Senator from Missouri." Why?

9. How is Truman's approach to the press so different from Roosevelt's?

10. Reading over the description of Independence, MO, beginning on Page 50, describe Truman's hometown as it relates to 1) economic viability, 2) founders and citizens, and 3) education.

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