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David McCullough
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Roosevelt announces in 1944 that he will run for the fourth term as President, how many terms were Presidents allowed to serve?
(a) There was no constitutional limit to the number of times a President could serve
(b) Ten
(c) Four
(d) Two

2. How much weight did Harry Truman lose in the years in France?
(a) 20 lbs
(b) None
(c) 50 lbs
(d) 2 lbs

3. In the eyes of the Truman Committee, what governmental department was the most to blame for bad planning?
(a) Navy Department
(b) Department of Agriculture
(c) Office of Production Management
(d) Defense Department

4. What part of Truman's past most concerned the Democratic Party for the campaign?
(a) His connection with Boss Pendergast
(b) His past farming duties
(c) His connection with the Freemasons
(d) The fact Bess Truman's father committed suicide

5. What element of Truman's style changed during the time of the Truman Committee?
(a) He began wearing jeans
(b) He allowed his hair to grow past his shoulders
(c) He began wearing his now famous bow ties instead of a necktie
(d) He stopped wearing his glasses

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Truman refer to as "Potomac Fever?" .

2. What was the real name of the Truman Committee?

3. What was the most common method of travel for settlers in the 1800s to take to Independence?

4. Who was President of the USA during World War I?

5. Harry Truman travels to see Bess in Grandview. How many miles one way is the trip?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Harry's father and mother, using the following criteria: 1) appearance, 2) religious beliefs and upbringing, 3) admirable qualities, 4) values they can teach Truman to make him a good President, leader and man.

2. Do you think Harry was a good farmer? Explain your answer with examples from Chapter 3. .

3. Some wives of politicians are active in their husband's campaigns and in D.C. social life to assist their reputations. Bess Truman was definitely not this type of political wife. Why do you think this is?

4. Re-read the section on U.S. Steel's involvement in manufacturing and supplying the Navy with defective steel. What was their motivation for this deception? How did they rationalize it with the Truman Committee? In their opinion, was the action of the US Steel Company right or wrong?

5. What experience does Truman bring to this Senate investigation? Outline specifically which jobs he held in the past that would contribute to his ability to lead this important committee.

6. Why do you think Truman was bored with any jobs other than politics?

7. The primary candidate, Roosevelt, did not appear at the Democratic convention in 1944, and his preference for Vice President was not clear. How did this affect those in charge of the Party at the convention?

8. Harry Truman left his home and his country to defend another country's border. He mentions that "we owe it to Lafayette" - what does this mean?

9. In campaigning, Truman is not a skilled orator, but people remember him. Why?

10. Senator Truman's committee to investigate defense spending was timely and changed the way he was viewed by his colleagues and the public. Was that his purpose in proposing this committee? Why do you think he started this effort, and did he accomplish his goals?

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