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David McCullough
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Bess Truman feel about Harry running for Vice President?
(a) She did not want him to run
(b) She was eager to see his political ambition proceed
(c) She was happy to move to a new house
(d) She did not care either way

2. How old was Harry Truman when he arrived in Washington D.C. to assume his duties as a Senator?
(a) 50
(b) 23
(c) 60
(d) 45

3. Who does Truman appoint as his Secretary of State?
(a) Teddy Roosevelt
(b) Robert E. Lee
(c) Jimmy Byrnes
(d) Henry Wallace

4. How did Bess Wallace's father die?
(a) His plane crashed
(b) He committed suicide by shooting himself
(c) He had terminal cancer
(d) He was in a car accident

5. Why does Harry Truman leave his job in Kansas City?
(a) To help the family with the farm.
(b) To join the Army
(c) He was fired
(d) To marry Bess

6. What was Harry Truman's first paid job?
(a) Sweeping, dusting and cleaning at Clinton's Drugstore in Independence
(b) Cleaning and painting houses in his neighborhood
(c) Bicycle courier for a bank in Kansas City
(d) Newspaper route

7. What did Roosevelt say were the Four Freedoms?
(a) Freedom of religion, marriage, finances and lawful gathering
(b) Freedom from fear, debt, phobias and medication
(c) Freedom of speech, religion, from want, from fear.
(d) Freedom from preachers, tax assessors, visiting relatives and telemarketers

8. What pet name did Truman have for Bess?
(a) The Boss or Madam
(b) Sweetie Pie
(c) The Old Bat
(d) Her Highness

9. Why is Truman referred to as the "Senator from Pendergast" instead of the "Senator from Missouri"?
(a) He was originally elected from the state of Pendergast
(b) He is related to the large Pendergast family
(c) He was born in Pendergast, MO
(d) Because of his association with the political boss Tom Pendergast

10. What essential materials were in short supply as America prepared for war?
(a) lead, coal, limestone and rock
(b) computers, cell phones and i-pods
(c) steel, latex, and plutonium
(d) Aluminum, copper, zinc and rubber

11. What did Truman think was a damaging move by Roosevelt?
(a) Entering WWII
(b) Entering WWI
(c) Bombing the Japanese home cities
(d) The attempt to increase the number of Supreme Court Justices

12. What does Bess suggest when Harry announces his decision to join the military?
(a) That she join as well and go with him
(b) That they get married immediately
(c) That he take warm clothes with him
(d) That he find another girlfriend

13. What was one of the unique things about the Truman Committee?
(a) All of the members were white men
(b) The Senate does not usually operate by committee
(c) None of the members were Senators
(d) The committee was unanimous on every report.

14. In November of 1930, something happened to Margaret Truman. What was it?
(a) Someone attempted to kidnap her.
(b) She had a baby
(c) Someone stole her purse
(d) She met her future husband

15. How much weight did Harry Truman lose in the years in France?
(a) 50 lbs
(b) 20 lbs
(c) 2 lbs
(d) None

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Roosevelt want as his Vice President?

2. What are the names of Harry's brother and sister?

3. What was the attitude of the townspeople of Independence towards people of color?

4. Who were Truman's lifelong heroes?

5. Where did the Truman family live until the Roosevelt family departed the White House?

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