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David McCullough
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose photographs does Harry carry in his uniform pocket during the entire war?
(a) Bess, Mary Jane and his mother.
(b) His dog, his cat and Bess
(c) His mother, Bess and another girlfriend
(d) His father, his dog and Bess

2. What was Independence Missouri's nickname in the 1840s?
(a) Land of Milk and Honey
(b) Mormon Paradise
(c) Queen City of the Trails
(d) Land of Enchantment

3. Who did Truman choose to accompany him to meet the train bearing Roosevelt's body?
(a) Bess and Margaret Truman
(b) Jimmy Byrnes and Henry Wallace
(c) No one. He stood alone.
(d) Eleanor and Teddy Roosevelt

4. What major personal events occur for Harry Truman in Chapter 5?
(a) He is forced to undergo a paternity test
(b) He gets married and his daughter is born
(c) He is divorced from his first wife and moves to Kansas City
(d) He is ordained as a preacher and married

5. Who were Harry Truman's parents?
(a) Bill Truman and Elizabeth Taylor
(b) John Truman and Martha Ellen Young
(c) Harry Truman Sr and Elizabeth Young
(d) Solomon Young and Mary Jane Truman

6. What ship did Truman take to the Potsdam conference?
(a) The George Washington
(b) The Titanic
(c) The Augusta
(d) The USS United States

7. In the eyes of the Truman Committee, what governmental department was the most to blame for bad planning?
(a) Defense Department
(b) Navy Department
(c) Office of Production Management
(d) Department of Agriculture

8. What was the original funding for the Truman Committee?
(a) $1 million
(b) $10,000
(c) $4,000
(d) $100,000

9. How did Bess Truman feel about Harry running for Vice President?
(a) She did not want him to run
(b) She was happy to move to a new house
(c) She was eager to see his political ambition proceed
(d) She did not care either way

10. Who was President of the USA during World War I?
(a) Woodrow Wilson
(b) Franklin Roosevelt
(c) Harry S Truman
(d) John F. Kennedy

11. Why does Harry Truman leave his job in Kansas City?
(a) To help the family with the farm.
(b) He was fired
(c) To join the Army
(d) To marry Bess

12. What was the Armistice?
(a) The name Truman gave his old car
(b) The name of the transport ship taking Truman home after WWI
(c) The treaty signed between the Germans and the Allies agreeing to end the war
(d) The name given to the plantation where Truman retired

13. Where did most of the sayings, such as "a good name is rather to be chosen than great riches", that were part of Truman's upbringing, originate?
(a) The Bible
(b) Time Magazine
(c) The Koran
(d) Ben Franklin's books

14. What does Bess suggest when Harry announces his decision to join the military?
(a) That he find another girlfriend
(b) That he take warm clothes with him
(c) That she join as well and go with him
(d) That they get married immediately

15. What does Harry give as a reason to join the military and go to war?
(a) Someone has to do it.
(b) I need to get out of twon
(c) It is either this or jail time
(d) I need a job

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did the Truman family live until the Roosevelt family departed the White House?

2. What US President did Truman see while he was working in Kansas City?

3. What is cost-plus construction?

4. At their meeting in August of 1944, what did Roosevelt give to Truman to give to his wife and daughter?

5. What was the yearly salary for Truman's job as presiding judge?

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