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David McCullough
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2 Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What two political positions did Truman want before he was allowed to run for Senate?
(a) Mayor of Lamar and Mayor of Independence
(b) Governor of Missouri and Congressman from Missouri
(c) Governor of MIssouri and Mayor fo Independence
(d) Mayor of Independence and Governor of Illinois

2. What pet name did Truman have for Bess?
(a) The Old Bat
(b) The Boss or Madam
(c) Sweetie Pie
(d) Her Highness

3. What was General Order Number 11?
(a) Union Army decree that all Missouri farmers commit 50% of their crop to the army
(b) Union Army decree that all persons in Missouri who could not prove their loyalty to the Union would have to leave Missouri.
(c) Government decree that people in Missour could not vote
(d) Government decree that all women should wear hats

4. What was the yearly salary for Truman's job as presiding judge?
(a) $6000
(b) $100,000
(c) $10,000
(d) $50,000

5. When Roosevelt announces in 1944 that he will run for the fourth term as President, how many terms were Presidents allowed to serve?
(a) Two
(b) There was no constitutional limit to the number of times a President could serve
(c) Ten
(d) Four

Short Answer Questions

1. Who were Truman's lifelong heroes?

2. What political party did Harry, his father, and most of the adults in Independence belong to?

3. How old was Harry Truman when he arrived in Washington D.C. to assume his duties as a Senator?

4. What party did Truman belong to?

5. In the eyes of the Truman Committee, what governmental department was the most to blame for bad planning?

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