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David McCullough
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2 Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bess suggest when Harry announces his decision to join the military?
(a) That he take warm clothes with him
(b) That she join as well and go with him
(c) That he find another girlfriend
(d) That they get married immediately

2. In November of 1930, something happened to Margaret Truman. What was it?
(a) Someone attempted to kidnap her.
(b) She met her future husband
(c) Someone stole her purse
(d) She had a baby

3. Who won WWI?
(a) Allies
(b) Germany
(c) Japan
(d) Soviet Union

4. What was General Order Number 11?
(a) Government decree that people in Missour could not vote
(b) Government decree that all women should wear hats
(c) Union Army decree that all Missouri farmers commit 50% of their crop to the army
(d) Union Army decree that all persons in Missouri who could not prove their loyalty to the Union would have to leave Missouri.

5. What was Harry Truman's first paid job?
(a) Sweeping, dusting and cleaning at Clinton's Drugstore in Independence
(b) Newspaper route
(c) Bicycle courier for a bank in Kansas City
(d) Cleaning and painting houses in his neighborhood

Short Answer Questions

1. What organization with secret rituals did Harry Truman join in 1909?

2. Who in Truman's family passes away in November of 1914?

3. What are two traits Truman especially disliked about his fellow politicians?

4. Although Harry writes many letters to Bess, he cannot master one art of good correspondence. What is it?

5. What kind of automobile does Harry Truman first purchase?

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