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David McCullough
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3 Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At their meeting in August of 1944, what did Roosevelt give to Truman to give to his wife and daughter?
(a) Orange black tea
(b) Rosebuds
(c) Autographed photos of himself
(d) Custom dresses from New York

2. Who won WWI?
(a) Allies
(b) Germany
(c) Soviet Union
(d) Japan

3. How many months had Truman been President before both Germany and Japan surrendered?
(a) One
(b) Four
(c) Three
(d) Six

4. How did Bess Truman feel about Harry running for Vice President?
(a) She did not care either way
(b) She did not want him to run
(c) She was happy to move to a new house
(d) She was eager to see his political ambition proceed

5. What was one voting faction in this election that had never been involved in presidential elections before?
(a) Family pets, if pedigreed, were allowed to vote
(b) Women were allowed to vote
(c) Blacks were allowed to vote.
(d) Jews were allowed to vote

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was President of the USA during World War I?

2. What was the beginning of the end for Tom Pendergast? .

3. What two political positions did Truman want before he was allowed to run for Senate?

4. What are the names of Harry's brother and sister?

5. How many people did the bomb actually kill in Hiroshima?

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