Daily Lessons for Teaching Truman

David McCullough
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Lesson 1

Objective: To acquaint students with the concept of tracing ancestry

1) Class Activity: Locate photographs of Harry Truman and those of his parents and grandparents either on the Internet or in the library. Are there similarities in appearance?
Class Discussion: Explore how our genes are passed on from generation to generation, and how traits are learned through stories of our ancestors or by contact with them.
Class Assignment: Hand out simple family tree templates. Students will fill in as many blanks as they can, then ask their parents, older family members, etc., for assistance. Students should be encouraged to go beyond the act of filling in names, including photos, certificates, letters, or anything that will enhance the experience of tracing ancestry.

Lesson 2

Objective: To educate student regarding westward migration

1) Class Discussion: Daniel Boone is the explorer whose descriptions of Missouri encouraged many people to leave their ancestral homes...

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