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Short Answer Questions

1. What sound do coyotes make in the desert?

2. What does Lee threaten to do if Austin does finish the script?

3. What incorrect name does Lee use for Saul?

4. What is Lee drinking?

5. Why did Lee stop fooling around with art?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Lee so interested in a true-to-life modern Western?

2. What was the catalyst for Saul dropping Austin's script?

3. Why does Austin feel he is more in touch with what people want than Lee?

4. At the beginning of the play, which brother appears to have his life in order?

5. Why does Lee hate calling the operator?

6. Why does Austin want Lee out of the house during his meeting with Saul?

7. Why does Saul feel Austin is the right person to write Lee's screenplay?

8. Does Saul want to admit that he decided on Lee's story because he lost a bet? Why/why not?

9. How does Lee manipulate Austin into continuing to write the screenplay?

10. How did Lee make a living in the desert?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Does Saul really believe Lee's script is good, or is he saving face from losing his bet? He definitely sells that he "goes with his gut" to Austin, but does he really care that much about Lee's script?

Essay Topic 2

What is the significance of one brother loving beginnings and one loving endings? Are they true opposites in every way, or is there an overlap?

Essay Topic 3

Austin physically assaults Lee in the end to get what he wants. While Lee threatened to assault Austin throughout the play, he never actually did. How does this represent a turning point for Austin? For the brothers' relationship? How will the play end after the lights go down? Will the brothers reconcile? Will there be a fight? Will they each survive?

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