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Short Answer Questions

1. What beverage does Austin make?

2. How far from the border is Lee's character, according to Lee?

3. What does Lee threaten to do if Austin does finish the script?

4. What kind of coffee does Lee ask for later?

5. How long did Lee live in the desert?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Austin stop Lee in the middle of his story?

2. What roles did the brothers used to take as children?

3. Why is Austin so surprised that Lee has "sealed the deal"?

4. After Lee asks Austin again to write the screenplay, how does Austin react? What tactic does he employ?

5. Why does Austin claim he could not live in the desert like Lee?

6. How does Lee smoothly insert himself into the conversation?

7. Does Lee understand the difference between an outline and a first draft? Why/why not?

8. Why doesn't Austin think Lee can help their father?

9. What was the catalyst for Saul dropping Austin's script?

10. What is Lee's method of typing?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Austin decides to leave his current, fairly posh life and live in the harshness of the desert. Why can't Lee understand Austin's need? Does Lee adjust well to his new role as screenwriter? Even Mom does not think Austin could make it in the desert. Does Austin really need to go to the desert, or can he continue to live happily as he was?

Essay Topic 2

Why has Lee chosen to live in the desert? Does he feel comfortable in the world of people? In Austin's world? What is Austin's perception of Lee's life? What is Lee's perception of Austin's life?

Essay Topic 3

The brothers each admire a quality in each other--for Lee, he admires Austin's smarts and Ivy League education, and Austin admires Lee's adventurousness. How do these identifications contribute to their role reversals? Do the brothers really wish they were like the other? Why or why not?

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