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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Austin always picture Lee?
(a) Austin always pictured Lee in prison.
(b) Austin always pictured Lee with the old man.
(c) Austin always pictured Lee in Tahiti.
(d) Austin always pictured Lee on adventures.

2. What is Lee carrying when he enters?
(a) An unconscious woman.
(b) A stolen radio.
(c) A dead coyote
(d) A stolen television set.

3. What does Austin ask from Lee at the end of the scene?
(a) He asks for his keys back.
(b) He asks to stay home from golf.
(c) He asks Lee to leave.
(d) He asks for his money back.

4. What is the villain of Lee's story pulling behind his truck?
(a) He is pulling his boat.
(b) He is pulling his house.
(c) He is pulling his victims along.
(d) He is pulling a gooseneck cattle trailer.

5. What task does Lee give Austin during the game?
(a) Bat boy.
(b) Caddie.
(c) Umpire.
(d) Runner.

6. Why is Austin concerned about Lee stealing from the neighborhood?
(a) He has already stolen everything and there is nothing left.
(b) He knows and loved all of his neighbors.
(c) He has flat tires on his car.
(d) Lee sticks out like a sore thumb, and he does not want Lee to get picked up.

7. What is one of Lee's main character's realizations?
(a) He is missing his map.
(b) He has blown a tire.
(c) He is running out of gas.
(d) He is going blind.

8. Why was he passing through the desert?
(a) He was passing through to visit the old man.
(b) He was passing through to find a woman.
(c) He was passing through to escape the law.
(d) He was passing through to find Austin.

9. In the movie, why does Lee think the main character has died?
(a) Lee thinks he has died of cancer.
(b) Lee thinks he has died in battle.
(c) Lee thinks he has died for the love of his horse.
(d) Lee think he has died for the love of a woman.

10. What housekeeping task is Austin fulfilling?
(a) He is vaccuuming.
(b) He is collecting the mail.
(c) He is watering the plants.
(d) He is dusting the cabinets.

11. What is the only way Lee can tell his story?
(a) Lee can write his story down, but cannot tell it out loud.
(b) Lee can imagine his story, but cannot articulate it at all.
(c) Lee can tell his story out loud, but cannot write it down.
(d) Lee can draw his story, but cannot write it.

12. How far from the border is Lee's character, according to Lee?
(a) He is ten miles from the border.
(b) He is right on top of the border.
(c) He is nowhere near the border.
(d) He is fifty miles from the border.

13. Which desert did Lee inhabit?
(a) The Sahara Desert.
(b) The Syrian Desert.
(c) The Mojave Desert.
(d) The Great Sandy Desert.

14. Whose hand does Saul shake before he leaves?
(a) Lee's hand.
(b) The old man's hand.
(c) Mom's hand.
(d) Austin's hand.

15. What actor is in the movie Lee mentions?
(a) Paul Newman.
(b) Brad Pitt.
(c) Kirk Douglas.
(d) Clint Eastwood.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Lee's main characters have in common as the light fades in his screenplay?

2. What is the time of day at the beginning of Act 1, Scene 3?

3. What kinds of things were in the house Lee scoped out?

4. What would Austin miss in the desert?

5. To whom does Lee compare Austin's style of working?

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