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Objective: Act 1, Scene 1 introduces the main characters in the story, and also sets up the conflict for the rest of the play. This lesson should focus on the brothers' apparent roles: Lee as the wild and irresponsible brother, and Austin as the work-a-day straight-laced brother.

1. Class Activity: Ask for volunteers to read Act 1, Scene 1 aloud. Be sure to have someone read the stage directions.

2. Group discussion: How are Lee and Austin different? Are they complete opposites, two ends of the spectrum? Do you notice any sibling rivalry?

3. Small groups: Discuss the difference between Austin and Lee. Can you think of any historical parallels for them? (i.e., Cain and Abel).

4. Foreshadowing: Are they really as different as they appear? They are driven by a need to impress each other, and it may drive them to very different places.

5. Homework: Write out a list, with short explanations, on...

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