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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Ellen attack the banshee with an ax?
(a) It is trying to hurt Bill Frost.
(b) It is evil.
(c) She realizes it is after Ned.
(d) It is attacking her.

2. Why does Ned get into a huge fight with a farmer?
(a) He makes a very crude reference about Bill Frost and Ned's mother having intercourse.
(b) He attempts to take Ned's and Henry's souvenirs from their latest stagecoach robbery.
(c) He tries to steal Ned's horse.
(d) He insults Ned's sister Annie.

3. Why is there nothing Ned can do about his seventeen stolen horses?
(a) His brother, Jem, steals them.
(b) No one trusts or believes him.
(c) Ned is in trouble wit h the law.
(d) Constable Flood steals them.

4. Why do Ned and Jem swear a blood oath?
(a) They will keep their mother and sisters safe.
(b) They do not want the farm to be in complete disarray again.
(c) They will always protect one another.
(d) They will murder their mother's suitors.

5. Why does Ned start making fun of Wild's retarded brother, Dummy?
(a) He wants Wild to have him thrown back in prison.
(b) He loves to make fun of Dummy.
(c) It will put Wild in a murderous rage and force the fight Ned wants.
(d) Ned is inherently mean and cruel.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ellen do when she is convinced Bill is gone and will not come back?

2. How does Ned's honor result in him going to prison for six months?

3. What does Quinn hit Cons in the head with that gashes his head open?

4. Who finds a dress and some face paint?

5. What is told by the papers has a tendency to do what?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Ned's family respond when he arrives home?

2. How does Ned save his family from the fire?

3. What does Ben do that Ned protects him by doing his prison time?

4. Who does Ned say gives up Harry Power to the authorities?

5. Why is Ned amazed to see how easily his mother is bullied by Bill Frost?

6. How does Ned respond to Patchy Moran spreading a rumor about his father?

7. Why does Ned feel obligated to turn himself in?

8. Where does Ned work?

9. How is successful is Henry at robbing stage coaches?

10. Why does Ned become unhappy on the new property?

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