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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To where is Ned transported to receive further interrogation?
(a) Belfast.
(b) Melbourne.
(c) Sydney.
(d) London.

2. What does Ned's mother do to him after his father's death?
(a) She orders him off her property, since he kills his father.
(b) She make him become the man of the house against his will.
(c) She gives him away, and he is adopted by an Irish family.
(d) She sells him off to a bush ranger against his will.

3. Who is falsely charged with the theft of the watch and gelding?
(a) Ned.
(b) Uncle James.
(c) Bill.
(d) Uncle Jack Lloyd.

4. How is Ned viewed after the fight?
(a) As someone to fear.
(b) As a jerk.
(c) As a warrior.
(d) As a hero.

5. What is the only work Ned can find?
(a) Splitting posts for the police.
(b) Breaking horses.
(c) Working in the fields.
(d) Robbing stage coaches.

6. Why does Ned prepare to do the honorable thing and turn himself in?
(a) He is guilty and must turn himself in.
(b) Harry has convinced this is what he must do.
(c) His concsience is telling him to do the right thing.
(d) He can not let others take the fall.

7. How do the cops and Cons Hall set a trap for Uncle Jimmy and Pat Quinn?
(a) They convince Ned to set it.
(b) They get them to talk during the trial.
(c) The lure them in using Ned.
(d) They set it up at the jail.

8. It is an eyewitness account starting when?
(a) At the beginning of a gunfight.
(b) Years after the famous gunfight.
(c) In the middle of a gunfight.
(d) At the end of a gunfight.

9. Why is it when Harry Power robs a stage coach, it is a farce?
(a) He seems as fearful as those in the stagecoach.
(b) The stagecoach new they were going to get robbed.
(c) There is virtually nothing to steal.
(d) Ned does most of the work.

10. What is one of the worst and most notorious prisons in a land full of bad prisons?
(a) Van Diemen's Land.
(b) Van Dyke's Land.
(c) Van Eyke's Land.
(d) Gaol Prison.

11. What are extremely dangerous, and their bites are worse than the worst wasp sting?
(a) Scorpions.
(b) Bull ants.
(c) Red ants.
(d) Killer bees.

12. Why does everyone but his mother, brothers and sisters hate Ned?
(a) They think he is a traitor.
(b) He killed Bill Frost.
(c) He turned in his uncles.
(d) He turned in Harry Power.

13. Why is Ned sold to the bush ranger, Harry Power?
(a) Ellen can not stand Ned.
(b) Harry Power needs an assistant.
(c) Ellen needs the money to support the rest of her family.
(d) To clear the way for Bill Frost and Ellen to be married.

14. Why do the McCormicks lie and say the Kellys work their horse without permission?
(a) They want to get Ned into trouble.
(b) They want to be compensated.
(c) They want to get rid of the horse.
(d) They like to start trouble.

15. How does Ned's honor result in him going to prison for six months?
(a) He is guilty of stealing the McCormicks' horse.
(b) He refuses to turn in Ben.
(c) He threatens Cons.
(d) He writes a threatening note to the McCormicks.

Short Answer Questions

1. Of what does Harry inform Ned regarding Bill?

2. Who is described as dangerously powerful?

3. What do they show, to Ned's amazement?

4. THE TRUE HISTORY OF THE KELLY GANG is what type of genre based around the life of famous bush ranger and Australian folk hero, Ned Kelly?

5. Why does Ellen attack the banshee with an ax?

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