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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kevin the Rat Charmer promise Ellen?
(a) To charm all the rats away.
(b) To bring rats to Ellen's home, unless she pays him.
(c) To sell Ellen cats who will kill the rats.
(d) To charm all the rats away for payment.

2. Who is falsely charged with the theft of the watch and gelding?
(a) Ned.
(b) Uncle Jack Lloyd.
(c) Bill.
(d) Uncle James.

3. It is an eyewitness account starting when?
(a) In the middle of a gunfight.
(b) At the end of a gunfight.
(c) At the beginning of a gunfight.
(d) Years after the famous gunfight.

4. To where is Ned transported to receive further interrogation?
(a) Sydney.
(b) Belfast.
(c) London.
(d) Melbourne.

5. What does Ellen tell her sons when she picks them up?
(a) She loves them.
(b) She needs to sell them to buy a thousand acre lot.
(c) She has bought a thousand acre lot.
(d) She is remarried.

6. The book is written from whose point of view?
(a) Red Kelly's.
(b) Ned Kelly's.
(c) Mary Kelly's.
(d) Grace Kelly's.

7. How is James Whitty released from his deal with the devil?
(a) The devil feels sorry for him.
(b) The devil tires of him.
(c) His wife trades her soul for his.
(d) He asks for every lawyer to be made honest, which impossible to do.

8. Why do Ned and Jem swear a blood oath?
(a) They do not want the farm to be in complete disarray again.
(b) They will keep their mother and sisters safe.
(c) They will always protect one another.
(d) They will murder their mother's suitors.

9. Why does Ned get into a huge fight with a farmer?
(a) He tries to steal Ned's horse.
(b) He insults Ned's sister Annie.
(c) He attempts to take Ned's and Henry's souvenirs from their latest stagecoach robbery.
(d) He makes a very crude reference about Bill Frost and Ned's mother having intercourse.

10. While staying with his aunts and uncles, at what does Ned become good?
(a) Breaking in horses.
(b) Stealing horses.
(c) Plowing the fields.
(d) Raising his family.

11. Who accidentally calls Harry by the name of Bill Frost?
(a) Ellen.
(b) Ned.
(c) R.R. Bean, the magistrate.
(d) Jack.

12. What does Ned realize James has done?
(a) Married his sister.
(b) Stolen horses.
(c) Started the fire,
(d) Slept with his mother.

13. How are the chapters referred to through out the book?
(a) As letters.
(b) As sections.
(c) As years.
(d) As parcels

14. Although he is young, what does Ned quickly prove?
(a) He is a better man than his father ever was.
(b) He is good with horses.
(c) He loves his family.
(d) He can work as hard as any man.

15. What system do the two cops use when interrogating Ned?
(a) Bribery.
(b) Beatings.
(c) Threats.
(d) Good cop, bad cop,

Short Answer Questions

1. Of what does Ellen Quinn decide the family should be taking advantage?

2. Why does Ned's mother call him a fool, and say they would not do the same for him if the situation were reversed?

3. How does this prelude begin?

4. Ned Kelly takes place in some competitions early such as riding and the long jump that he wins, but what does he realize?

5. Why is it when Harry Power robs a stage coach, it is a farce?

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