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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Death of Edward Kelly".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From whom does George King learn to steal horses?
(a) Local Australians.
(b) Natives in the Outback.
(c) Native Americans.
(d) His father.

2. How is Ned viewed after the fight?
(a) As someone to fear.
(b) As a hero.
(c) As a jerk.
(d) As a warrior.

3. How does the chapter end?
(a) His mother is freed.
(b) The school master reads Henry V.
(c) The schoolmaster promises to eventually write the history.
(d) Mary returns.

4. Why does everyone but his mother, brothers and sisters hate Ned?
(a) They think he is a traitor.
(b) He turned in Harry Power.
(c) He killed Bill Frost.
(d) He turned in his uncles.

5. Why will Ned and Dan offer to turn themselves in?
(a) If Ellen is released.
(b) They are guilty.
(c) If Ellen gets a lighter sentence.
(d) They are trying to protect Ned's brother.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is falsely charged with the theft of the watch and gelding?

2. To what American is Harry Power compared?

3. What is everywhere in this dream?

4. How are the chapters referred to through out the book?

5. For what does George King, an American traveler, who come to ask?

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