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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Parcel 12, "Conception and Construction of Armour".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Ned get into a huge fight with a farmer?
(a) He insults Ned's sister Annie.
(b) He attempts to take Ned's and Henry's souvenirs from their latest stagecoach robbery.
(c) He makes a very crude reference about Bill Frost and Ned's mother having intercourse.
(d) He tries to steal Ned's horse.

2. Why does Ned prepare to do the honorable thing and turn himself in?
(a) His concsience is telling him to do the right thing.
(b) He can not let others take the fall.
(c) Harry has convinced this is what he must do.
(d) He is guilty and must turn himself in.

3. Why does Ned not want to go to the United States, even though he has the money?
(a) He is too ill.
(b) He will not leave as long as his mother is in prison.
(c) He does not trust Americans.
(d) He is afraid of riding in a boat.

4. What do they show, to Ned's amazement?
(a) How to safe himself.
(b) How easy it is to alter the law.
(c) How to escape.
(d) How to use the handcuffs.

5. Of what does Ellen Quinn decide the family should be taking advantage?
(a) The money from Dick Shelton's family.
(b) The Duffy Land Act.
(c) The Embargo Act.
(d) The death of Red.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ned not know, at first, about Officer Fitzpatrick?

2. Where does the gang find out Aaron is camping out?

3. The gang is fighting emotional stress, bad weather, disease, and is always just a few steps away from who?

4. Why does the family bring out the good table cloth and candles, and they eat everything Ellen has baked?

5. Although he is young, what does Ned quickly prove?

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