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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Parcel 10, "The History is Commenced".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Ellen been sentenced to?
(a) Three years of hard labor.
(b) Three days of solitary confinement.
(c) Three years in prison.
(d) Three years of community service.

2. From whom does George King learn to steal horses?
(a) Local Australians.
(b) His father.
(c) Natives in the Outback.
(d) Native Americans.

3. Who does Ned say is by far and away the best cop he has ever known?
(a) F. Scott Fitzgerald.
(b) John Fitzpatrick
(c) The Commissioner.
(d) Harry Power.

4. What is the only work Ned can find?
(a) Working in the fields.
(b) Robbing stage coaches.
(c) Splitting posts for the police.
(d) Breaking horses.

5. What are Ned's famous last words?
(a) "So this is it?"
(b) "Such is life."
(c) "Jesus, save me."
(d) "I did no wrong."

Short Answer Questions

1. Ned dislikes Bill. How does Bill feel about Ned?

2. What does Aaron Skilling do to Joe?

3. What does Ned's mother do to him after his father's death?

4. Who is the school bully who hears a story about Ned's father and passes it around?

5. What does Kevin the Rat Charmer promise Ellen?

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