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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Parcel 10, "The History is Commenced".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is James Whitty released from his deal with the devil?
(a) The devil feels sorry for him.
(b) The devil tires of him.
(c) His wife trades her soul for his.
(d) He asks for every lawyer to be made honest, which impossible to do.

2. What does the man who put them up call the boys in dresses?
(a) Good Irish boys.
(b) Disgraces to bush rangers.
(c) Embarrrassing to him.
(d) True Irishmen.

3. Who seduces Annie while Alex Gunn is still in prison, and gets her pregnant?
(a) Bill Frost.
(b) John Fitzgerald.
(c) Cons Flood.
(d) Patrick Hughes.

4. Of what does Constable Flood accuse Dan?
(a) Stealing from a neighbor.
(b) Killing a cop.
(c) Sleeping with Mary.
(d) Stealing the horses.

5. At fifteen years old, what does Ned have to do?
(a) Move back home.
(b) Marry Caitlin.
(c) Become an outlaw.
(d) Kill Bill.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is told by the papers has a tendency to do what?

2. What does Ellen tell her sons when she picks them up?

3. Why are they having a difficult time crossing the Murray River?

4. Where does the gang go?

5. How does the novel start?

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