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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Parcel 6, "Events Precipitated by the Arrest of Harry Power".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Ben Gould ask to rent the Kelly's land at one quid a day?
(a) He is in love with Ellen.
(b) Until his cart is ready to go.
(c) He likes their property.
(d) He needs a place to live.

2. What is one of the worst and most notorious prisons in a land full of bad prisons?
(a) Gaol Prison.
(b) Van Eyke's Land.
(c) Van Diemen's Land.
(d) Van Dyke's Land.

3. What do they show, to Ned's amazement?
(a) How easy it is to alter the law.
(b) How to use the handcuffs.
(c) How to escape.
(d) How to safe himself.

4. Ned dislikes Bill. How does Bill feel about Ned?
(a) Bill dislikes Ned as much as Ned dislikes him.
(b) Bill thinks of Ned like a son.
(c) He does not think about Ned.
(d) He respects him.

5. What are extremely dangerous, and their bites are worse than the worst wasp sting?
(a) Scorpions.
(b) Killer bees.
(c) Red ants.
(d) Bull ants.

Short Answer Questions

1. For what do the police take Ned's father to prison?

2. Why does everyone but his mother, brothers and sisters hate Ned?

3. What is actually happening as Ned dreams about burning in hell?

4. What does Quinn hit Cons in the head with that gashes his head open?

5. What does Ned's mother do to him after his father's death?

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