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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Parcel 3, "His Life at 15 Years of Age".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Ellen's admission that no profit is ever going to show up from the cloth idea?
(a) Ellen allows Ned to hired Billy Gray to help on the farm.
(b) The cloth has disappeared.
(c) Bill never returns.
(d) She tells Ned that it is just a scheme.

2. What does Ned do to the Murray's calf that is stuck?
(a) He tries to kill it.
(b) He tries to save it.
(c) He tries to pet it.
(d) He tries to free it.

3. What does Ned realize James has done?
(a) Stolen horses.
(b) Married his sister.
(c) Slept with his mother.
(d) Started the fire,

4. What does Ned say about how much he and his father communicate the final eight months of his father's life?
(a) They become very close and communicate frequently.
(b) They do not speak to one another.
(c) They have very deep conversations.
(d) They never exchange another twelve words between each other.

5. Why do Ned and Jem swear a blood oath?
(a) They will murder their mother's suitors.
(b) They do not want the farm to be in complete disarray again.
(c) They will always protect one another.
(d) They will keep their mother and sisters safe.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is the age of twelve significant for Ned?

2. Why does Ellen attack the banshee with an ax?

3. What eventually happens to Ned?

4. Of what does Ellen Quinn decide the family should be taking advantage?

5. What does Harry take the time to point out about the wood?

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