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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Parcel 13, "His Life at 26 Years of Age".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Ellen's admission that no profit is ever going to show up from the cloth idea?
(a) Bill never returns.
(b) The cloth has disappeared.
(c) Ellen allows Ned to hired Billy Gray to help on the farm.
(d) She tells Ned that it is just a scheme.

2. Why is there nothing Ned can do about his seventeen stolen horses?
(a) His brother, Jem, steals them.
(b) Constable Flood steals them.
(c) Ned is in trouble wit h the law.
(d) No one trusts or believes him.

3. Why is Ned sold to the bush ranger, Harry Power?
(a) To clear the way for Bill Frost and Ellen to be married.
(b) Ellen needs the money to support the rest of her family.
(c) Harry Power needs an assistant.
(d) Ellen can not stand Ned.

4. Ned Kelly takes place in some competitions early such as riding and the long jump that he wins, but what does he realize?
(a) He could win every event.
(b) How out of place he is.
(c) He is not the athlete he thought he was.
(d) He can not win every event.

5. About what is his dream?
(a) Meeting his daughter.
(b) Freeing his mother.
(c) Seeing Mary.
(d) Killing the police.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does his mother give Ned to wear for when the police come to take him in?

2. About what is Ned not concerned?

3. Why do Ned and a group of close friends move to the country along the Wombat Ridges?

4. Who intends to kill Ned and Dan?

5. Why does Cons put his hand on Ned's back in a friendly way?

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