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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Parcel 8, "24 Years".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what does Ned say he becomes addicted?
(a) His mother's pie.
(b) Stealing.
(c) Danger.
(d) Murder.

2. What do they show, to Ned's amazement?
(a) How to escape.
(b) How to safe himself.
(c) How easy it is to alter the law.
(d) How to use the handcuffs.

3. What does police officer Cons Flood make his life mission?
(a) To marry Annie.
(b) To put criminals behind bars.
(c) To save Ned.
(d) Put Ned in prison as often as possible.

4. Who visits the home, and it is suggested that he makes an advance on Ellen? She responds by slapping him and calling him a coward.
(a) Sergeant O'Neil.
(b) Patchy Moran.
(c) Red Kelly.
(d) Michael O'Connor.

5. For what does George King, an American traveler, who come to ask?
(a) Grog.
(b) Ned.
(c) A horse.
(d) Work.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ned respond to the commissioner?

2. Why does Ned start making fun of Wild's retarded brother, Dummy?

3. Why does the family bring out the good table cloth and candles, and they eat everything Ellen has baked?

4. What does Ned not know, at first, about Officer Fitzpatrick?

5. How is Ned viewed after the fight?

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