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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Parcel 8, "24 Years".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Ned sold to the bush ranger, Harry Power?
(a) Harry Power needs an assistant.
(b) Ellen can not stand Ned.
(c) To clear the way for Bill Frost and Ellen to be married.
(d) Ellen needs the money to support the rest of her family.

2. Who does Annie marry?
(a) Harry Power.
(b) Alex Gunn.
(c) Billy Gray.
(d) Bill Frost.

3. Who is the school bully who hears a story about Ned's father and passes it around?
(a) Dick Shelton.
(b) Michael O'Connor.
(c) Patchy Moran.
(d) Red Kelly.

4. What will eventually lead to the end of Ned's quiet life?
(a) Losing his job.
(b) Getting back into stealing horses.
(c) Being drawn back into the happenings of his family.
(d) Being friends with Alex Fitzgerald.

5. Why does Ned get into a huge fight with a farmer?
(a) He insults Ned's sister Annie.
(b) He makes a very crude reference about Bill Frost and Ned's mother having intercourse.
(c) He tries to steal Ned's horse.
(d) He attempts to take Ned's and Henry's souvenirs from their latest stagecoach robbery.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are extremely dangerous, and their bites are worse than the worst wasp sting?

2. Why does Ned want to kill George King?

3. Ned Kelly takes place in some competitions early such as riding and the long jump that he wins, but what does he realize?

4. Of what is Ned falsely accused?

5. Why does Ellen attack the banshee with an ax?

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