True History of the Kelly Gang Fun Activities

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Hero in Me

Write a short story about a time you were heroic.

The Personalities of Ned

Draw a picture of Ned as an honorable young man, a fugitive, and a bush ranger.

Criminal Life

Research other crime families. Compare and contrast them to Ned's family in a short essay.

Ellen's Metamorphosis

Draw a visual timeline of Ellen's metamorphosis, first as a confident, independent woman to finally one broken down and imprisoned.

I Love You, Let Me Count the Ways

Write a love poem from the view point of Bill Frost to Ellen.


Imagine your family sent you off with a family acquaintance, and you realized you had been sold to this person. Write your initial reaction to this horrible realization.

Once Upon a TIme

Read other folktales that contain folklore or fantasy blended with realistic fiction. Write your own folktale or legend, blending these elements together...

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