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Unmarked Prelude

• This is a novel based around the life of famous bush ranger and Australian folk hero, Ned Kelly, and is written from his point of view, to tell the true tale of his life.

• As a young child, Ned is forced to become a man after his father dies, and his mother sells him off to a bush ranger; he returns and tries to help his family, is imprisoned several times unjustly, and finally, when his family is harmed, gives up any attempt at leading a straight life and takes on a life very much akin to Robin Hood.

• Ned is eventually hanged, with the famous last words of, "Such is life."
• This prelude is a strange eyewitness account starting in the middle of a gunfight at which point half of the Kelly gang is already wounded.

• A strange, inhuman creature turns out to be Ned...

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