True Grit Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Charles Portis
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1. How old is Mattie Ross when she leaves home to avenge her father’s murder in the novel?


2. How did Tom Chaney kill Mattie’s father, according to Mattie’s narrative in Chapter 1?

He shot him.

3. Where was Mattie’s father killed, according to the narrative in Chapter 1?

Fort Smith, Arkansas.

4. How much cash did Tom Chaney steal from Mattie’s father in addition to the gold coins?


5. The gold coins that were stolen from Mattie’s father were from where?


6. According to Mattie in Chapter 1, her father had how many acres of “good bottom land on the south bank of the Arkansas River?


7. In what county is Dardanelle located?

Yell County.

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