True Grit Character Descriptions

Charles Portis
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Mattie Ross

This character is the protagonist and narrator of True Grit. At fourteen years of age when the narrative takes place, she shows mettle and willfulness in hunting down her father’s murderer.

Frank Ross

This character is the protagonist’s father who has been murdered at the beginning of the novel.

Rooster Cogburn

The protagonist of the novel seeks out this U.S. marshal to hunt down her father’s killer after learning that he possesses “true grit.”

Ranger LaBoeuf

This Texas Ranger meets up with the protagonist and her hired U.S. marshal and wants to join forces in finding the murderer of the protagonist’s father.

Mrs. Floyd

This character runs the Monarch boarding house and tends to the protagonist when she becomes ill.

Tom Chaney

This character in the novel is responsible for the murder of the protagonist’s father.

Lucky Ned Pepper

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