True Grit Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Charles Portis
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Chapter 1

• Chapter 1 introduces Mattie Ross as the protagonist and narrator of the story.

• Mattie relates the story in the past tense, recalling when she left home in the winter to avenge her father's murder at age 14.

• Tom Chaney shot Mattie's father in Fort Smith, Arkansas and robbed him of his horse and $150, plus two California gold pieces.

• Tom Chaney was a tenant on Mattie's father's land and took pity on Tom Chaney, who accompanied Mattie's father to Fort Smith to buy some ponies.

• Yarnell Poindexter is a free black man who is left in charge of Mattie's land and is to check in on Mattie and her mother in his absence.

• According to Mattie's story, Tom Chaney got drunk and shot Mattie's father when he tried to intervene in a bar squabble.

• Tom Chaney stole $150 and the gold pieces and fled to Indian Territory.

Chapter 2

• In Chapter 2, Mattie...

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