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Karen Tei Yamashita
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the first person Emi tells about Manzanar being her grandfather?
(a) Buzzworm.
(b) Gabriel.
(c) Her cameraman.
(d) Rafaela.

2. Where does Rafaela go after leaving Gabriel's house in Chapter 24?
(a) A restaurant.
(b) The hotel.
(c) Her house.
(d) Dona Maria's.

3. In Chapter 40, how does Bobby answer Xiayue's questions about America?
(a) He says she will love America.
(b) He says he doesn't really know anything about America.
(c) He says they are all exaggerations.
(d) He says they are silly questions.

4. When Manzanar hears the gun shots in Chapter 42, who does he assume fired a gun?
(a) Buzzworm.
(b) The military.
(c) The local police.
(d) The homeless.

5. Why does Gabriel send Bobby a fax in Chapter 40?
(a) To help him forge documents.
(b) To tell him about Rafaela.
(c) To have him confirm facts about his story.
(d) To help him find Sol.

6. While riding the bus in Chapter 30, what does Rafaela note as being strange?
(a) The people all seem familiar.
(b) The scenery does not change.
(c) She can't find her wallet.
(d) She is no longer afraid.

7. How much does Bobby pay the traffickers after negotiating with them?
(a) A quarter of the original fee.
(b) Half the original fee.
(c) The original fee.
(d) More than the original fee.

8. Why does Arcangel end up moving the bus he was riding on in Chapter 33?
(a) Because the bus breaks down.
(b) Because someone dares him to.
(c) Because the bus is going in the wrong direction.
(d) Because the bus has a flat tire.

9. What does Manzanar say is in the cooler Buzzworm hands him?
(a) An infant's heart.
(b) A man's lung.
(c) A woman's liver.
(d) A child's kidney.

10. What happens when news breaks about cocaine in oranges in Chapter 22?
(a) People begin to buy more oranges.
(b) People stop buying oranges.
(c) Orange farmers try to prove their innocence.
(d) Gabriel asks to interview Buzzworm.

11. In Chapter 36, why are the people around Arcangel amazed with his orange?
(a) Because it is so large.
(b) Because it is neon orange.
(c) Because he is juggling it.
(d) Because it is the last remaining orange.

12. In Chapter 23, how long does Arcangel agree to work for Rodriguez?
(a) One month.
(b) One day.
(c) One week.
(d) He won't say how long.

13. What does Rodriguez say lead to his son's death?
(a) Industrial accident.
(b) Illegral drug trade.
(c) A violent woman.
(d) Mental illness.

14. How does Gabriel tell Bobby about the assault on Rafaela?
(a) Gabriel calls Bobby.
(b) Gabriel visits Bobby.
(c) Gabriel sends Bobby an email.
(d) Gabriel has Emi call Bobby.

15. Why doesn't Bobby answer Xiayue's question about her brother in Chapter 40?
(a) Because he thinks Xiayue's brother is dead or arrested.
(b) Because he doesn't hear the question.
(c) Because he wants Xiayue's reunion with her brother to be a surprise.
(d) Because he doesn't know anything about her brother.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 39, how does Gabriel get home from the airport?

2. After showing Manzanar the cooler, what does Buzzworm consider doing with it?

3. In Chapter 45, how does Rafaela find her way to Bobby?

4. What does Rafaela do with the box she takes from Gabriel's in Chapter 24?

5. Where does Emi sunbathe in Chapter 41?

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