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Karen Tei Yamashita
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Wednesday: Chapters 19 through 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What nationality is Bobby?
(a) Mexican.
(b) Japanese.
(c) Jamaican.
(d) Chinese.

2. What happens when people begin to abandon their cars in Chapter 17?
(a) They are shot at.
(b) The police arrest them.
(c) Homeless people take over their cars.
(d) Rioters smash the cars' windows.

3. How does Bobby try to quit smoking?
(a) Hypnotism.
(b) Chinese herbs.
(c) Chewing gum.
(d) He doesn't try to quit smoking.

4. How does Emi describe cultural diversity in Chapter 20?
(a) As being dangerous.
(b) As being the future.
(c) As being nonsense.
(d) As being powerful.

5. What does Rafaela ask Rodriguez about crabs in Chapter 10?
(a) If they are missing.
(b) If they taste good.
(c) If they are a sign.
(d) If they are strange.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 6, why does Gabriel remind himself that Emi is a kind person?

2. Why does Arcangel have a difficult time in the restaurant in Chapter 21?

3. In Chapter 15, why is the 12 year old girl left be herself in Mexico?

4. In Chapter 9, why is Gabriel having a difficult time following Buzzworm's lead on the news story about the homeless man?

5. What does Buzzworm give the young man in Chapter 13 after he hears the gun fire?

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